Your Black Money

Make Your Money Grow For You!

Make Your Money Grow for You!

I created this website to give information to African American and black people ways to start investing they money in they companies sponsor retirement plans, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Index funds, Mutual funds, ETFs, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and in the stock market. We have to stop working hard for our money and giving it back to corporations for things we do not need. I’m a black man who have a pension on my job, and I also invest my earn income in my company sponsored Defer compensation plan.  I also started a Roth IRA with M1 Finance which is one of my favorite investment platforms.

M1 Finance is free to invest, and very easy to understand. When I decide to retire I will have multiple streams of income.  Today you can start investing with a FREE robo advisors like M1 Finance or Robinhood you do not have no reason why you can’t start investing. I will give you a list of robo advisors and other ways to get you started. Most Black people work for a living full time or part time to put food on the table and to pay they monthly bills but do not pay themselves first. Your Job may be something you love or merely tolerate.

However with investing  gains is not certain but if you (dollar cost averaging) put money in ever pay period you can see gains add up over time. The First rule of investing is Diversification using the balanced approach 50% stocks, 25% Bonds and 25% Cash.

Here is a Youtube video by Amon and Christina from “Our Rich Journey” about starting a 401k, 403b and a 457 from your company sponsor retirement plan

  This website is for informational purposes only if you want to start investing and don’t know how,  contact a Financial Advisor or call your Human Resources Department at your employer for details about 401ks, 457s and 403bs

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