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Top Financial and Stock Market News Sites


CNBC contains up-to-date developments across the global markets. The dedicated news section has category-wise listing, which includes news for U.S. stocks, and region-wise listing for Asia and Europe.



One of the top market data providers, Bloomberg news offers news segregated into different categories. News can be selected from appropriate sections—asset class, region, industry, and general financial.

The Wall Street Journal

WSJ is one of the top publications to be followed across the globe for business news. Apart from the usual news and price quotes with related details, WSJ provides easy access to email alerts based on available criteria.


Investopedia is from an educational perspective. On the Markets section, you can view the coverage of key operational metrics for hundreds of companies and surround them with news and charts. Start your own Watchlist to track your favorite stocks. is geared more toward active trading, as right on the homepage you can see futures contracts, commodity prices, ETFs, and forex prices. Many investors use this site to track up-to-date quotes across a variety of investments, and their news section seems impartial and in-depth.

The Financial Times 

The Financial Times provides comprehensive financial news with global coverage and categorized view.



Reuters has broad coverage of stock-specific, sector-specific, and market-specific news on their web portal. Available content is similar to that of competitor Bloomberg. Similar search features resulting in historical news items, with an added auto-complete feature for stock names, are quite useful. The results page integrates existing price quotes with news items, giving a unified view to the user.


Yahoo Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a media property that is part of Yahoo!’s network. It provides financial news, data and commentary including stock quotes, press releases, financial reports, and original content. It also offers some online tools for personal finance management


Market Watch

MarketWatch is a website that provides financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data. Along with The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, it is a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, a property of News Corp.